Explore Southern Africa

Whether your thing is wildlife, mountains, deserts, jungles, beaches, cutlure or history, the southern tip of Africa has it all!

Diversity at its highest

 Although it covers only about 1 % of the world’s land surface area South Africa is home to 10% of the world’s species of plants and animals. The large size of the area, the variations in altitude & the climatic effects of the cold  Benguela and warm Agulhas oceanic currents cause southern Africa's huge geographical and biological diversity. This tip of Africa has one of the longest and most interesting human histories of any country on the planet, from the first human beings to Apartheid and a miraculous liberation. Add to this 11 official languages, twenty-something ethnic groups, the most progressive and humanitarian Constitution in the world and a reputation for being a seriously friendly place, a visit to South Africa is never forgotten.

Explore SA 2020/21

Explore Zulu Kingdom

The province of KwaZulu Natal is on the sub-tropical, mountainous east coast of South Africa. Our Zulu Kingdom programme starts with acclimatisation while volunteering in a Zulu village in the Drakensberg. From there a trek or journey in the mountains, flowing downhill to the Anglo-Zulu & Anglo-Boer battle fields to the Big 5 game reserves & sun-kissed beaches of Zululand.

Explore Cape Namibia

We start in Cape Town and head to the Cederberg Mountains on the Cape west coast for an initial acclimatisation to high and dry environments. Next, we enter the Kalahari Desert for additional acclimatisation & volunteer work in Nama & Damara communities, before heading to Namibia to trek the Fish River Canyon. This is probably one of the most scenic & iconic hikes in the world. We finish the adventure with some exciting paddling on the Gariep River and serious R & R back in Cape Town.

Explore the Diversity of South Africa

As the name implies, this programme investigates South Africa's diversity in depth. We start in the KwaZulu Natal Drakensberg Mountains for acclimatisation, volunteer work & a trek or journey. A quick flirt with the Big 5 reserves of Zululand before exploring the adventure playground of Cape Town & surrounds to experience penguins, Fynbos, sea kayaking & Table Mountain.


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